Do you feel like you are in a blender? Well, you are not alone. The good news is that you have the ability to transcend the chaos, and the entire Company of Heaven is standing in readiness awaiting the opportunity to help you do just that. In your heart-of-hearts you know the Truth of that statement; in fact, that is why your God Self, your I AM Presence, has magnetized this information into your sphere of awareness. Please open your heart and mind and allow your I AM Presence to reveal to you the magnitude of YOUR Divine Plan during this unprecedented moment in the evolution of Planet Earth


Teleportation… I believe I can send some fruits to my friends

Dear friends I send to you some fresh fruits from my garden acrooss a big forest.


The More You Love

Do you feel like you are in a blender? Well, you are not alone. The good news is that you have the ability to transcend the chaos, and the entire Company of Heaven is standing in readiness awaiting the opportunity to help you do just that. In your heart-of-hearts you know the Truth of that statement; in fact, that is why your God Self, your I AM Presence, has magnetized this information into your sphere of awareness. Please open your heart and mind and allow your I AM Presence to reveal to you the magnitude of YOUR Divine Plan during this unprecedented moment in the evolution of Planet Earth

Paradise … I dream Paradise Garden

Hinduism Shrimad Bhagavad Geeta Part 1

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Liberation of Humanity is At Hand

The Galactic Free Press Update: Liberation of Humanity is At Hand
Posted by MotherGod on May 23, 2013 at 2:38am
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Bringing Humanity Home Energy and Event Update With Love from The Galactic Center

The Real News and The Whole Truth

MORE than 3500 lightning strikes have lit up New Zealand’s skies in just 12 hours May 22nd 2013

Greetings Love Beings, The Energies are intensifying just as we and many others have shared would occur towards the end of May. You can Feel the Electricty and Excitement in the Air[ and there’s alot of lightening occurring all over the Planet, LOL]. We have Many Events Assisting The Light and Real Energy of Love on this Planet. From the Wesak Festivals, Unique Alignments with Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus Lining Up in the Sky beginning on May 24th. We will Also have A Fly By Asteroid, M Class Solar Flares hitting the planet, while we are Inside a Solar Wind stream, Full Moon in Sagittarius, an Eclipse and Opening of a Huge Portal. WOW! We have also entered an intense Energetic Gateway, which will Climax around the Solstice. The Liberation of Humanity is at hand. We are In Some Huge Energy Momentum and Movement. Love Energy is definitely on the Move in a Big way and this was to be anticipated as the Higher Grid’s Light is Encompassing this Planet.

Quoted from Cobra „Every window of opportunity, every portal is a quantum leap bringing us closer to the Event horizon. With each portal opened, more energy is generated and at a certain point, enough energy will trigger the breakthrough.

That will be the moment of the compression breakthrough and this is what David Wilcock saw in his dream of a storm with many lightning bolts. Each of those lightning bolts represents a compression wormhole, which is a hyperdimensional doorway of Light, connecting the surface of the planet with the Light above and below the surface at the moment of the compression breakthrough.
The Event will send strong ripples of Light throughout the spacetime, forwards and even backwards in time. This is why some of you have already received dreams, impressions and visions of the Event.
The opening of the Portal on May 25th is NOT yet the time of the Event despite of rumours… Those rumours just reflect a certain operation of the Light forces on the surface of the planet which is a necessary substep towards the Event, but not yet the Event itself.

Before the Event can happen, the non-physical negative forces must be removed. Otherwise they could simply trigger more than 2 million people on the surface that were heavily mind programmed through severe trauma by the Cabal under their projects codenamed MK-Ultra and Monarch. Those traumatized individuals could be easily triggered by the Archons from the etheric and astral planes as part of their endgame to start behaving violently towards themselves and others.

The non-physical negative forces are now gathered very close to the surface of the planet, concentrated around humans, attempting to prevent the Light from entering. They do this to maintain entropy and chaos because this is the only way they can survive a little bit longer.

The time is coming very soon and it will be the beginning of the end of all suffering and beginning of true healing for humanity.The final victory of the Light is near!” End of quote…

Quoted from Renee Snider „Energies are coming in with a powerful mighty wave. We are days ahead of the third of an eclipse triad event on the full moon and WESAK, the celebration of Buddha birthday and day of Enlightenment. This period of time will mark our highest point yet of incoming Light, vibrations and uncodement for humanity to awaken from the path of lesson. This IS an extraordinary event in our history, in our hearts and in our reality. From this space we move up another level to see things from higher and higher perspectives. What has been tolerated, ignored, denied or not yet seen due to unconscious states of being is about to shift. It will ask us again to look deep past our fears and old ways of doing things. Change happens all the time, yet this is not just change of rearranging the old pieces around, these are changes for a newer, more benevolent way of living..within our own selves and as a humanity community on Earth….” End of Quote…

Quoted from Molly „…Before diving into this upcoming Lunar Eclipse, here’s a quick point of reference about the energies of this week: May 20th was the third Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn transit that started in 2012 and will make a final connection in 2015. A grand transformation is occurring to take us forward and higher up into our personal authority and true individual expression. The themes are evolution and revolution, individually and collectively…..

The May 24th Lunar Eclipse is the third and final eclipse for this spring, so a lot of soul-rocking changes, advancements and upgrades have been underway for over month now. At the same time, this Lunar Eclipse at 5 degrees Sagittarius is the opposite of the November 28th eclipse in Gemini. If you can think back to that faraway place called “late 2012”, you may see that changes from then are also coming up and evolving some more now. It also feels like an energetic balancing act where we see-sawed one way and now we’re coming back to focus on the other side.

The Moon in Sagittarius is about exercising daily … trust, and processing waves of big emotions as they come in….No more simply talking the talk; it’s time to Trust the Trust.

Sagittarius and Gemini are mutable energies that embrace change, variety, and multiple opinions. They are excellent at transitions and keeping things movin’ and groovin’, so remember to roll with it….” End of quote…

SOLAR WIND: A stream of solar wind blowing from a southern coronal hole on the sun is expected to brush past Earth’s magnetic field on May 23-24. NOAA forecasters estimate a 30% chance that the contact will spark polar geomagnetic storms

Solar Flares are continuing to Pop adding to this intensity.This Morning We had an M5 Class Solar Flare Earth Directed and with Entering a Solar Wind Stream! We will Also Be Assisted By Some energy from a passing asteroid. Events Like this Send Waves of Energy to this Planet with intesity. WOW, If You are Awake and On this ride We are indeed in auspicious Moments. Anything could Occur in this Energy.

„…an Asteroid which will be flying by Earth.

Asteroid 1998 QE2 will fly past Earth at end of May at a distance of 5.8 million kilometers, or about 15 times the distance between Earth and the moon. The asteroid’s size is estimated to be about 2.7 kilometers. It will make its closest approach on May 31, 2013 at 20:59 UTC….” End of quote…

Quoted from Shannon…We are here in the solar flares, the light coming into humans and all earth. We salute you and celebrate you as you open yourselves to healing and enlightenment and alignment and upgrades in DNA. We are with you. Please bask and savor these days. See them as positive and transformative.

Let your heart be open to allow the heart based consciousness to feel itself, to activate, to receive. These are receiving times not “doing” times. It is time to be in the flow of what is, acceptance. Divine plan unfolds in you like spiral energies. Feel them connected with the greater whole, the greater plan that is laid out for you, and is categorically non-linear.

Angel’s hands are your hands typing. Notice your angelic human hybrid self but do not attach to the label of it, but instead to the feeling of it. It may feel like purple light. A new wavelength of light is dancing through you.

We are your guides. We are nature. Nature speaks, Mother Earth, and the life force in all of life. We are one and we dance in and with you. Let the light dance flow in you. Self-illlumination, bring it on. We see you sitting in your own resplendence. Dance the light fantastic. This is a magical time for taking on more light. You do it for all and you share it with all. It is not a burden, but period of lightening of all burdens. Give them up with your beliefs and identifications.

Examine what is solid, a rock for example, taking in light and it effects us as we shift and become new. A solid rock can change.. are not your cells more malleable? Change is constant.. bring it on yourself, for the highest good, with your inner invocations. Ask for help through this, we are here, the invisible allies. We are light dancing within and without you. We are guardians, old guardians of life on earth. Reaching into you. Reaching through the veil and lending a hand and healing your heart through those difficult moments that are only there to shift you and awaken you. Flow with the shift and others will flow too. Do not judge how well you flow, simply place down the burdens. There is the burden of “not knowing what is happening to you” and release into the arms of trust of your angels. Forgive, and release the heaviness.

This is a time of subtraction of what you have not let go of yet. It is a time of flowing courageously into the core of your authentic true self. It is a time of handing that which no longer serves over to source for cosmic recycling in the Hunab Ku, the Galactic Center. The heart of the galaxy is also in you, a heart space that can heal and transform old energy into light. Galactic Butterfly, you are this, being reborn in each moment….You are a consumer of light and an emitter of light. We leave you with this. Do what makes you shine. Be inward, and be joyful. Release and know it is all coming to a better place and you are pillar of light as well as a portal and opening for higher energy to enter earth. You are a catalyst for change for in your very beingness. We celebrate and honor you for being of service and for simply being..that is all that is asked so hold firm and lift one another up, be kind, and ride the wave of your unfoldment. We send our love and honor you for your very existence…” End of quote

All of This Energy is Also Increasing the Amounts of Lightworkers who are stepping into their Divine Roles which Expands the Unified Field Across the Planet. We are On a Roll and Full Disclosure is Closer then ever before as People, Places, and Events Begin Aligning. For those who can Hear Us! We are In 5d Everyone Welcome Home!

Quoted from John McIntosh „….Humanity and the planet are Now in the 5th dimension …those who are Awake to this Know this beyond any doubt. The old energy may be seen as the 3rd and 4th dimensions of time and space, which ‘is’ the realm of separation and limitation and as such – an illusion…..The SHIFT, which has occurred into what may be referred to as The Heaven of Now – the timeless state where there is ‘no’ history … only the Moment, has so far registered in Conscious Awareness in only a very small portion of humanity. However, all of humanity can sense profound changes taking place on the planet and in their personal lives and bodies but are unaware of the ‘cause’. This has increased fear in many, which is drawing them inward … the only place where Truth [Peace] can be found. …The balancing of the imbalanced Divine Masculine patriarchy by the Divine Feminine is happening at lightening speeds in every area of experience, recognized usually as decay, destruction or desolation. All must fall apart that does not ‘resonate’ with Truth in order for Balance to be restored. The level of suffering or non suffering each one experiences is in direct proportion to their level of acceptance or allowance of these shifts.In the Awakened state [while still in a body] pain does occur
… but all suffering ceases..”… End of quote…

Quoted from Owen Waters „….Humanity as a whole stands one short step from the heart-centered consciousness that will trigger the main aspect of The Shift once critical mass is achieved. When enough people join the migration to New Reality consciousness, the tipping point will be reached and the world will be transformed.

Remember that every step you take to foster heart-centered consciousness within yourself affects the global mind [ Collective consciousness] atmosphere profoundly. Every time you remind a friend of their spiritual nature, you help the world move a little closer to that critical mass.

Tipping points are surprisingly easy to achieve. Just 7% of the population needs to become aware …

Imagine what it will mean for the whole world to pass this tipping point and suddenly know, understand, and practice seeing life through a heart-centered view of reality.

Just hold that thought and give it your love and spiritual power.” End of quote

Last Week We shared we were getting energy Blasts from All directions and More are arriving in Weather Events and Solar Flares. The Planet Herself Is doing some major cleansing. These are to assist us in the clearing we need accomplsihed prior to the Eclipse and Full Moon Event. This is being Assisted by a Unique Paring Between Uranus and Pluto which occurred the day of deadly tornadoes that ripped through Oklahoma City and Surrounding Cities.

Quoted from Mark Borax „…Recent outbreaks of intensified experiences, tornadoes of body and soul, can be traced to the double-whammy of Monday Nights Uranus Pluto square and Saturday’s coming Lunar Eclipse. Around 7 PM Eastern US time tonight Uranus squares Pluto, challenging you to claim the life you choose. This has been a long time coming, and dates back to the 1960s Revolution when we awakened to the fact that there’s a whole other world here waiting for us to claim it. That unfinished project, powerfully challenged by the square, is intensifying many people’s lives on both a physical basis, like the tornadoes slamming the Midwest, and an inner basis, as many of us are being put through the wringer…..

If you harness the tornadoes of our time to ignite that light, if you stand strong against the fear and ignorance and repression that has taken over our world, the force of your YES will join other awakening souls, and together we can bring on a whole new world…

…As the old world of bigotry and fear sheds in this Year of the Snake, every writhing wriggle of soulful awakening helps squeeze us out of the dark ages. The old is deadly, stuck, predictable and boring. The new is sketchy, throbbing, unknown and volatile. At

such times of added intensity a massive Planetary Death & Rebirth is at hand. When the view from the surface gets you down, plunge deeper into the metamorphic fires of the soul. Tornadoes destroy but they also purge and cleanse the ground to start over. We’ve entered the 20 Year Make-It-Or-Break-It Crossroads of Human Fate and must gird ourselves for the long haul to wrestle truth from illusion. ….” End of Quote…

Quoted from Star Sister(aka Marcia)…. „Monday night we entered a great energetic gateway, as Uranus, the Cosmic Awakaner, and Pluto, the Cosmic Transformer, squared off at 7:02 p.m. EDT in the U.S. These are two of the mightiest forces in our solar system–and they met in a sky that is already saturated with the potent energies of change.
We’ve just begun to integrate the two eclipses of the last three weeks–and a third is only days away. Meanwhile, multiple surges of solar energy began streaming towards Earth over the weekend, pushing us to grow and evolve–right out of our comfort zones!
Monday night’s Uranus~Pluto square is the third of seven dynamic meetings between these two mighty forces. Their clash is a signature energetic pattern of these extraordinary times. Each of the seven encounters–which began in June 2012 and won’t end until March 2015–is changing our reality, from the depths and the heights….

Today, we’re rediscovering the Universe within us and around us–and the connection between them. Exploring new realities requires a tremendous amount of heat and urgency. I know I’m feeling it and I know you are too. And that’s a very good sign!
With so much cosmic power pouring into our lives, we’re all sure to have moments this week when our lives seem to have become roller coasters. Here are the most important things to remember:
This is deeply creative and regenrating energy. Work with it, don’t resist it! Keep your dreams, and all that you love, in your heart. Connect as deeply and as often as you can with Spirit. Just as every drop contains the ocean, you, too carry the entire Cosmos within you!
■Stay centered in your heart, grounded in the Earth, and open to the power of the Universe itself. Drinking lots of water and breathing deep into your belly will help you integrate all the cosmic power into your physical reality. So will full-body contact with the Earth. Take your shoes off and let your bare feet absorb the vibrations of the planet. Lie down on the ground and let the energy of the Earth penetrate you.
■Do everything you can to avoid falling into the vortex of fear. And if you fall in—which most of us are sure to do for at least a moment or two–don’t stay there! Surround yourself with what inspires you and keep the energy moving.

Uranus and Pluto, th eclipses, the solar storms, and the beautiful pattern of creative, regenerative energies–it’s quite a sky, and a very powerful time …” End of Quote

For many this is an intense period of releasing, as all egos are dying. The energy to sustain the denser energies is dissolving at a quick rate and those clinging to the old paradigm will have nothing to hang onto. This Planet is already Existing in 5d Frequencies and we are already seeing some of the beginning of the old systems collapsing. Its truly Over for the denser energies and we cannot go back!

Quoted from Veronica Keen „….Time is running out for those who still refuse to see the light, whether through fear or ignorance. Big decisions need to be made regarding life on Earth. The changes are happening, gently at first, but they will soon gather momentum so you will need to be on the right track. The Dark Ones have a lot to lose: you, on the other hand, have everything to gain….

Everyday, you see the exposure of the corrupt. This tidal wave cannot be stopped. All the guilty ones will be exposed and removed. In future, every human being on the planet will be treated with respect and dignity. Never again will discrimination operate and be accepted, as this must stop and it will. Together, you can make this happen… End of Quote…

May 25th, 2013 is a Huge day On this Planet as the Portal will Open. This Represents the Liberation of Humanity on Planet Earth=Heart. At this Time in this Part of the Divine Plan, All Lightworkers on this Planet Are Being asked to participate on this day at Noon Pacific for a Meditation to Open this Portal which once opened cannot be closed or blocked. „The Door that is opening which cannot be shut.” This is Mother Earth=Heart’s Decree for Planet Earth=Heart which includes all inhabitants.This is also why the energies are intensifying. and Divine Intervention activated.

Quoted from Cobra….A few hours before the opening of the Portal, a penumbral lunar eclipse will assist in the buildup of energies to prepare us for that event. This is the time of Wesak, which is a period of spiritual blessing for humanity and an outpouring of Light for the entire planet. The main vortex for this is centered in the Himalayan mountains where many Initiates and Masters will gather to anchor the Light for the Earth at this time of the full moon in May.

Although according to some traditions Wesak festival has already happened at the full moon in April, a very strong outpouring of Light always happens during the full moon in May. A very strong timeline runs through the date of May 25th. On May 25th, 1975 the whole 50 year process of the planetary liberation has started.

On May 25th, 2010 a special portal called Mission Blue Shield was activated and it marked the beginning of the downfall of the Archons[Minions]. And now on May 25th, 2013, we will open the Portal. The purpose of the Portal is to liberate humanity from the grip of the negative energy grid that was enslaving humanity since late Atlantis….” End of quote…

If You would Like to Participate In this Event with Us you can Join us On May 25th 2013 Room will Open at 10:30am Pacific and the Meditation will begin around noon at this Link:

We are Making History, as More and More Awaken to the The Truth. The Energies are Continuing to Build and Grounding in The Higher Grid Energies Into the Planet to Support the Breakthrough In energies. The Higher Grid as A result, Is Now Lighting Up as Many Are Finding their Way Home and Realizing what is Actually taking Place on this Planet. With this realization many are now stepping into their Divine Missions. Its going to get really busy On Planet Earth Heart and More Exciting. Once You Make It Home which is 5d Energy, You are Infected with Love! Love is contagious..

Decreed by Heaven~ The… To read this Entire Update with the Video’s You can Follow this Link:…

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Hărțile Daciei. Video

A presentation based on ancient, medieval and modern maps. It shows how the name of certain area of land which now are named Romania, Denmark, Turkey, changed their labels throughout history. Also it shows my strong belief that we Romanians were duped because the country was labeled Romania and not Dacia (because Transilvania united with Moldavia and with Wallachia covers the same area of land that was covered by ancient Dacia). Choosing the label „Romania” we opened the Pandora’s Box. No map has the label „Tara Romaneasca” ! All of them are labeling this area of land as „Wallachia”.

The viewers who dislike this video are graciously asked to post their point of view so I can alleviate (if it is possible) their discontent.

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