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Bilocation & Telepathy – A Message From Ezekiel Memchat /channeling
Posted by Meindert Arends on May 17, 2013
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When a person passes away they move out of all limitations. They are able to freely travel with their minds where they wish to go. They must come back to a physical form to defeat all the limitations that they are unable to experience without that form, unless they have already ascended previously and are re-entering a limited experience to teach others how to move beyond it.

Many crystal children coming here now are people who have already ascended and came here to teach others truths that they innately understand. This is not always the case, some are about to ascend within this life or within a short amount of lives that they will have following this one.

So the crystal children are the nearly ascended or the already ascended. Those who have already ascended are just visiting when they come back into a limited form, and when they leave here they go back to the form that they ascended with.

They are still operating within that form any way, they are just also coming back to another version of theirself. There are many versions of you happening now. Some are physical and some are not, and so within some you are experiencing no limits and in others you are learning through limitation, or perhaps in one you are using an ascended form.

When one aspect of you becomes fully aware of its limitless nature it reaches out to every part of itself. The further you go, as you become more and more aware and evolved, you realize every person or being you encounter in whatever form is really an aspect of yourself and you begin reaching out to those other facets of you.

There are many ways to do this and so in certain cases an ascended being may choose to enter a limited form again. It is the most difficult way to teach others and yet the most accessible for them, if you are able to remember who you are in the midst of a society that believes that limitations are facts and not illusions.

The physical form must be entered if a person has not gone beyond the boundaries the physical form presents and represents. The physical form poses a boundary. There is something that you see out in front of you as you move the form.

You see a physical self and the physical self shows a boundary. So looking at your physical body would be similar to looking at a physical wall. A wall is something that cannot be passed through. It poses a limit on what you are able to do. It gives you seclusion, your own private space. It lets others know, ‘This is my private space, do not pass here.

If you pass the line you are entering my territory.’ If you were to visualize an energy around you, perhaps before meditation as an example, you could easily walk through that field that you had created. It is a physical wall in some other dimension, but it is not physical in this one, and yet you feel the energy of it.

Even though it is physical somewhere it is not physical in the dimension you are consciously experiencing then, and so you could move through it, or a person could come into the area where you are meditating and break the wall by stepping through it without even realizing.

But that wall is physical somewhere and so somewhere it is protecting you from something you don’t want to enter. When we see the body as physical instead of energy, the mind automatically looks at it in the same way it would at a wall, a physical wall. “I cannot pass through this wall.

I have a boundary and I have to remain over here because of that wall.” Your body presents a wall until the mind fully realizes that it is solely energy no matter what form the energy has taken. To do that, for your mind to become fully aware of that, you must push your own boundaries that you have set for yourself in every area, physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically, and you must work every area of your brain at once.

You are operating with a physical mind which means, operating with a brain. You at this level are perhaps, if you are extremely evolved for a human, using up to 16% of your brain and that would make you an outright genius.

Think of what a person would be like using even 30% of their full brain potential. Humans have the immediate capability of telepathy at this point in their evolution. But just as you look at your own physical self and your mind says “boundary” you look at the bodies of people around you and think “boundary” or “not myself”.

When you do that you see that person as fully outside of you and they are unable to communicate with you and you are unable to communicate with them. But when you begin to feel fully aligned with yourself more and more you become telepathic. If humans were unable to be fully telepathic at this point in their evolution, none of them would ever have any telepathic experiences.

And a telepathic experience doesn’t have to mean that you are fully in another person’s mind hearing their thoughts like they have said them out loud, although eventually it would lead to that, but it can be as simple an experience as something you’ve probably experienced before, you think of someone and then the same day they call you, because you weren’t thinking of them, they were thinking of you.

It can be as simple as, you hear a thought of something in your own mind and then the person next to you or in the same house with you says that thing to you. They were thinking it. Or were you thinking it and they heard you?

Whose thought was it? Those are telepathic experiences. Telepathy is mind control and it is the mind realizing that what it sees physically around it has no affect on where it can be. Telepathy is being in two places at one time, it is bilocating. The bilocation happens when you step out of your own mind and into the other person’s mind, hearing their thoughts, and yet you are still in your own mind hearing your own thoughts, able to hear that person and speak to that person.

You are fully in their mind and yet fully in your own. It doesn’t mean you pry and look at their whole life, although eventually you could if you wanted to, but by then you would be so conscious that you would only ever use that information from positivity and you would only want the information if it would lead to something positive, otherwise there would be no reason to see it or know it.

We know that we are fully safe with each other where I am from and so we fully allow each other in and out. Sometimes we feel more connected to certain people or certain things and therefore we are more able to communicate with them or in the case of things, more able to influence them. In truth the mind can connect to anything just as much as any other thing, but our emotional body feels more connected to certain things for various reason.

And in such cases where it feels very connected to something, the mind then will be more able to influence that thing and this can develop into a psychic or other ability. If a person connected deeply to rain, perhaps their mind could use the connection to influence rain, or if a person has an emotional fascination for objects or did at one time, that may have developed into the ability to read objects.

Two people who are extremely connected would have the easiest time becoming or being telepathic with one another. Like two twins born into the world at the same time. They live every moment together, they look the same and feel so similar it is like they are the same person.

They have a deep understanding of one another and often know exactly what the other is feeling or is about to say even from a distance. That is telepathy, but they would most likely categorize it as understanding or love.

Love is what enables us to connect even to those that we don’t know. But we must remember to love ourself and to give back to our own self and not to be a victim to others or a martyr. Love can be used in a negative way.

That is when a person becomes self sacrificing. This negative love may seem beneficial but can never really heal. You are not really healing someone else if you are taking on their burdens. However it is good to telepathically attempt to connect with another, sending them good vibes and love or to send good intentions out through the collective mind.

The collective mind of humanity is in need of deep healing. When we connect to the collective mind, that is already located within our mind and when we access it we are not bilocating. Bilocation is possible already where you are at in your evolution and you do it all the time you are just not aware of it yet.

But as you become more and more aware of it then you begin to use it purposefully and as you exercise it, it grows just like any other muscle. The physical brain is just like any other muscle. The mind is what operates through the brain and the mind is limitless but the brain must be trained to expand along with the mind using it.

As the mind realizes it can operate through the brain more and that the brain does not limit it, but the mind is still as it was before, unlimited, then the brain also must be exercised. When the mind and brain work together as one they unify and create a physical limitless experience, because the mind realizes that it can be just as limitless even with the brain in front of it.

It can travel just as it did before and do whatever it wants, go anywhere, move any object, do anything. But the brain must be trained to get out of the way and allow the mind to take it where it needs to go.

The mind is what would be there in operation even if there were no brain. When a person passes away, they have a mind yet no brain. They have no brain to train, nothing that presents a limitation. You are here to understand that even in the physical you can be limitless and that is Ascension. More on this train of thought soon. I am Ezekiel Memchat.

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