Hărțile Daciei. Video

A presentation based on ancient, medieval and modern maps. It shows how the name of certain area of land which now are named Romania, Denmark, Turkey, changed their labels throughout history. Also it shows my strong belief that we Romanians were duped because the country was labeled Romania and not Dacia (because Transilvania united with Moldavia and with Wallachia covers the same area of land that was covered by ancient Dacia). Choosing the label „Romania” we opened the Pandora’s Box. No map has the label „Tara Romaneasca” ! All of them are labeling this area of land as „Wallachia”.

The viewers who dislike this video are graciously asked to post their point of view so I can alleviate (if it is possible) their discontent.

(you can download it using ytddownloader.com/)


All Images and Video used in this production belongs to their rightful copyright holders, Listed –
BBC – The World of Map
Nineteen Eighty-Four – directed by Michael Radford

All music used in this production belongs to the holders and their makers, Listed –


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