Tolec Interview 05.17.13

Tolec Interview 05.17.13
Posted by Ametrine on May 21, 2013 at 11:48pm
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Tolec Interview – with Mark Kimmel during the last 20 minutes.

A discussion & review of:

the fact that not only is this planet changing… this whole solar system is changing. We discuss the upcoming near term earth changes, including a singular global earth change event… that will likely trigger a cascade of additional – truly earth changing – events; some of which will also likely expose the remaining Reptilians on/in this planet. This will also likely include their plans for an overt revealing of themselves, as well as a likely possible attempted take-over of parts of this planet by this malevolent race. If this occurs… expect the people of the Andromeda Council to ‘step in’ and remove once & for all… this malicious Reptilian menace.

Important note: my strongest recommendation – stay calm & patient during this time of massive change.

And, know that we will welcome a far more beautiful, higher dimensional world in January 2014.

Comment by Magdalena

Dear Amertine and Tatooke, I’d say it’s high time for action from our side, even small steps.

In my case, most of those that understand and resonate are also tired of promises.

Apart from Cobra’s call, there is the Children of the Sun meditation call for May 25th and Mother/Father God’s via Kathrym May call for a meditation to the UN re inviting the Galactics to come forward.

Lots available to be Love in Action in the present eternity, if I may say so .

. Comment by Ametrine

„speak to persons who understand and resonates that is the best TIP . if you take care of a seed it will grow even in the desert ” Exactly it my Tatooke, and noop no dates please We will do it a step at a time, we have all eternity in front of us
. Comment by tatooke

nope no date never wait on a date and the word soon well how long is soon just see how we change this place tackling the elite with every step they make . and now i can say i hope soon all will see this reality . and i miss alex collier’s videos . thank you ametrine for the post so face this reality -the matrix -the hologram and …… well you can come up with some new stuff but never stand still and never ignore things ! and i thank that i have may have experience the vampire stuff but not on a family level that is not a good example they give

go to a website and say a pyramid is a triangle -and a person say proof it because..and he post a square picture from above this can sucks you empty because you want to proof something and all you do is getting empty on a person that doze not care if a pyramid is a triangle ore a square . so …..that we call vampires and worse trolls .

speak to persons who understand and resonates that is the best TIP . if you take care of a seed it will grow even in the desert

and to give you my feelings about the voice – sometimes it was like hearing alex collier voice ……maybe he is ?
. Comment by Magdalena

Stephen does have a point here. The marker keeps being pushed back. And there is not one fixed date, only variables, depending on whom we’re following.

I get the feeling to just do our own thing, separately or within communities, and change what we can. By the law of attraction that should trigger a similar effect further down the road.

Anastasios, our faith and patience is also wearing thin …
. Comment by anastasios

We must have patience and an open mind, to see how they play the game .. The continuous postponements through messages, have fatigue the people .. I think from our perspective, we have grown, and accept a new world, without hysterics …Thanks my sweet Ametrine…
. Comment by Brad Schmidt

I can hardly wait just wish the people around me felt the same way. But soon they will have no choice but to except the truth. I hope I can help them when this all starts to happen but it’s already happening now.
. Comment by stephen Morley 16 hours ago

There we go people…..May 2013, and already we are looking at 2014 for possible change.

I personally think we are all on a stage in the theater of the planet

roll on jan 2014… 15…16…17…20…25…30…40…60…3000… (I’ll be in the oven way before then!)Ha Ha Ha.


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