Teleportation… I believe I can send some fruits to my friends

Dear friends I send to you some fresh fruits from my garden acrooss a big forest.



4 răspunsuri to “Teleportation… I believe I can send some fruits to my friends”

  1. Free Spirit Says:

    Responses from:

    Lydia: OH WOW ~ THANK YOOUUU !!!
    I believe teleportation of fruits can be

    From Janice Kay Simmons :

    Wonderful. I am so happy to have them. I can smell them.

    VALENTA: Janice, please eat! The more you will eat, the more will be! This is true!

    COMMENT From LaceMoon:

    Whatt a Fresh Message, my dear Valenta .

    Fresh as the Wonderful Fruits I see here .

    How I would love to go there and eat_drink all of them .-

    You deserve to have always Good Days .

    Yes , Today a Day of Revelations .

    I send You a Hug full of Fresh Love … as these Oranges …

    Orange is such a Spiritual Colour …

    I thank you so much for answering Me .


    lacemoon ~~~


    LaceMoon: How Lucky You are !

    Thank You !

  2. Valentina Galusca Says:

    I want to use teleportation to send to all my friends some fresh fruits from my Garden

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